What Is Condemnation?

Eminent Domain- also referred to as “condemnation”- is the ability of a local, state, or federal government agency to take control and ownership of private property for public use (provided the owner is paid just compensation).

Condemnation also includes the legislative, administrative, or judicial process in which a physical property is deemed to be unfit for further occupancy due to physical or structural defects, or other causes. The use of a property for illegal actions can also be grounds for condemnation.

The use of eminent domain (or condemnation) is intended to benefit the public, but many times is a detriment to the private owner whose property is in question. The government’s ability to take private property is limited by the federal Constitution as well as state constitutions but going through this process as a property owner can be both daunting and confusing. Condemnation Attorneys can assist with the challenges of eminent domain including helping to negotiate a fair price for seized parcels of private property.

Condemnation Law in Durham, NC

Roberti Wicker Lauffer & Cinski PA are passionate about defending private landowners who are threatened by eminent domain. We will utilize all of our legal abilities and years of experience to challenge the capture of your private property when appropriate, or to obtain the fair maximum of just compensation.

Having your private property seized by the government through eminent domain can be a stressful, emotional, and confusing process. Make sure you have a skilled law team on your side to guarantee the best possible outcome of your eminent domain case.