About Roberti Wicker Lauffer & Cinski PA

The firm of Roberti Wicker Lauffer & Cinski PA is comprised of four attorneys:

Samuel Roberti is the Senior Partner and founder of the firm. Daniel Lauffer and David Wicker have been with the firm for over 20 years. Angela Cinski, came to the firm twelve years ago after a distinguished career at Legal Aid of North Carolina. All of our attorneys have extensive experience in Social Security Disability Law at all levels of the process.

The firm has a great team of legal assistants that work exclusively in the social security department. Our intake unit helps our clients file new applications and appeals to the Social Security Administration. Our team at Roberti Wicker Lauffer & Cinski PA is here to help you with your social security claim and to fight for you throughout the entire process.

We work hard for our clients and are dedicated to helping you receive the social security benefits that you deserve. Our firm offers a full list of additional legal services and is committed to providing aggressive, effective, and compassionate legal representation.